The process of coordinating new lines as they go from the designer's concept to sampling, sampling to a photoshoot and managing all of the descriptive copy that's required for online sale is vital to the success of Burberry's business.

The brief for 100 Shapes was to take a process previously managed via spreadsheets and coordinated on shared-network drives and catapult it into the digital-cloud age by designing a bespoke enterprise system that would do as much of the manual workflow management as possible.

100 Shapes prototyped a new workflow by designing bespoke software that provided better visibility of the entire process, top-level statistics for senior managers via a dashboard view, and tasks lists for individuals which allowed them to track items as they passed-through the pipeline.

The additional visibility of this digital merchandising process helped business accountability by providing an audit log of who did what, and the overview pages allow senior members of the team to identify the bottlenecks in the workflow.

The project is ongoing as we continuing to explore the requirements of the various teams involved and develop additional functionality of the tool. We're also in the process of exploring wider parts of the business to find further opportunities to optimise the process.

iPad showing the Burberry interface