Project goals

The goal of this major transformation was to extend the BBFC’s coverage of ratings information so that more content providers, be they in cinema, on DVD or online distribution can give the public trusted age ratings and content advice. Our high-level goals were to:

“The greatest single transformation of the BBFC’s systems in our history.”

David Austin – Chief Executive, BBFC

The world of the compliance officer

Classification recommendations are made by compliance officers, who will watch the content and recommend ratings information based on their extensive guidelines.

Despite their complex tooling and unpredictable schedules, compliance officers deliver age-ratings quickly and to a high standard. But as the industry changes, they need to adapt.

Growing demand for their services, a steep learning curve for new employees and new platforms to support.

“We need to help compliance officers deliver consistently accurate classifications to a growing customer-base.”

Capture frame-accurate data on issues that affect the classification

Disturbing images can flash by in the blink of an eye. A powerful tagging engine allows compliance officers to highlight issues in a single tap, with frame by frame accuracy.

Scenes to cut

When a scene is potentially harmful to the intended audience, compliance officers highlight the specific moment to determine the age-rating.

Easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues and clients

Classification is a group effort. No more painfully long email threads or copying and pasting of information. All important conversations and references live in one place.

Well integrated data across the entire compliance platform

All the classification history are stored and well documented in the archive. The related works will be suggested to the compliance officers before viewing, so they can view the previous reports and learn how the classification was given.

Easily access to all evidences captured during viewing

All the tags added during viewing are valuable and essential for decision making. After the viewing, the compliance officers need to finish a report to recommend the classification. On Horizon, compliance officers can access to all the data they have captured during viewing to support their decision rationale.

Deliver a consistent, high-quality service to more customers

Where-ever, whenever Watching films is not a passive past-time, compliance officers are on the move everyday from cinema to viewing room to back at their desk. They can switch between viewing modes seamlessly.

Has it had an impact?

The true impact for this visual effort is on the user. We ran a lab-based multivariate testing session to determine which programme images appealed the most and how participants chose them. We found that images produced during the pilot appealed to users 100% of the time compared to the previous examples of imagery and other insights.