ITV’s commercial department wanted to make marketing messages within its online TV service more relevant and useful to their intended audiences. These marketing messages were displayed to users of the ITV player before their show started on the ITV Player.

In response to this brief, 100 Shapes created Ad Save, a widget that allowed viewers to save and collect offers from popular high-street brands to a virtual ‘wallet’ within ITV Player, and redeem them across all devices when in-store.

100 Shapes designed and built a working prototype and tested it in a live pilot within the real ITV Player interface. Targeted audience members were genuinely receptive to the personalised wallet experience throughout the design phase and the increased relevance of the interactive ads.

Following successful usability testing we held a presentation and future-applications workshop with senior ITV stakeholders, demonstrating a range of possible use cases for interactive ads in the future and how they could form a key element of ITV’s future customer engagement strategy.

The outcomes from the creative workshop were used to plan further development of the Ad Save concept later in the year.