London Live was a new local TV channel backed by the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers. Its mandate was to provide regional and topical broadcasting for the area of London, focusing specifically on live content.

100 Shapes were engaged to design an enterprise system to deliver their entire digital platform including a responsive website, on-screen TV graphics and in-studio interactive display screens. The website alone provided the full spectrum of their content offering: news, weather, entertainment, sport, programme listings, social media, live and on-demand TV – to their audiences.

100 Shapes followed a rigorous UX & design process which began with a detailed research phase: we worked closely with sample audiences to research genuine user consumption behaviours and expectations.

While our UX designers produced sketches and wireframes of the interface, our visual designers adapted the, already-developed, broadcast brand for online use and developed a flexible, future-safe design across desktop, mobile and responsive formats. We also built a new tool for curating and moderating ‘hyperlocal’ Twitter streams – and delivered the whole new digital platform right on time for launch.