Introducing Sprints

Combining Design Thinking, Brainstorms and Workshops to reduce the risk of bringing your idea to life.

Each sprint is a focused series of discussions and workshops taking place at our studio in central London. The whole process is highly interactive, experimental, and user-focused.

Making a start

Knowing where to start is often the most difficult part.

Pioneered by Google, Design Sprints help businesses take the first step towards an idea without breaking the bank. They're designed to explore a problem and come up with answers in 1 week.

Our clients book Design Sprints with us to solve common transformation problems:

  • Create a new product feature
  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Improve the service you provide to customers

What you get

Well-designed documents which clearly describe your next steps.

  • Problem exploration: “How might we…” statements
  • Sketches & Ideas
  • Mocks or prototypes
  • Validated ideas
  • Final presentation of the entire sprint story

Get started

Ready to experiment?
Book your first Sprint.

We’re helping our clients build better, leaner, more-people focused organisations with design sprints.

If you're looking to improve things, contact the studio or email [email protected] and we'll book your first sprint.


Attendance of the Decision-maker

We’ll need someone with authority to have the final say and make decisions there and then. They’ll be with us in each of the sessions so they’ll need to have availability.

Once you’re happy to go ahead, the assigned sprint team will be in touch to plan the session.