100 Shapes projects

At 100 shapes we apply our rigorous UX design process to the design of enterprise software and business systems for large organisations.

Our aim is to improve the experience of employees by designing and developing internal business tools which are optimised to help them do their jobs. Our projects have shown that taking this approach leads of efficiency gains within the business saving time, money and costs.

With ITV, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in productivity of the GE Ops team as a result of ITV Craft which removed training costs and reduced an 8 minute process, repeated 30 times a day by each team member, down to 30 seconds.

Using our design expertise, we help organisations recognise inefficient workflows and processes, and then we design the business apps, software and UIs to change them for the better.

We do this by putting your staff at the centre of the design process because we believe that happier employees and better designed business tools mean more efficient businesses.