Unknown to most classical devotees, the BBC has a vast digital library of world-class classical recordings. This archive is currently unavailable to the public, but the BBC is keen to unlock its full potential. Radio 3 wanted to increase online engagement among its fanbase and also tap into a new community of Radio 4 listeners: people interested in but unsure how to approach the world of classical music.

100 Shapes won a commission to develop our original BBC Symphinity concept, an app serving up playlists curated by BBC Radio 3 experts around a range of engaging themes and topics. Each track was accompanied by snippets of information about the piece, its composer and its historical significance.

100 Shapes followed a rigourous UX & design process with regular usability testing throughout the project. They recruited members of the public which fitted the profile of the target audience to continuously assess the design.

The BBC Symphinity pilot featured on the BBC Taster innovation platform for three months. It was tried by well over 2000 listeners and shared by one in five. BBC Symphinity was welcomed by BBC stakeholders as a simple, inexpensive way to repurpose existing content, add depth to the listener experience and increase audience reach.

Read more of the inside story on the BBC Taster website.

iPad laying flat on a desk showing BBC Symphinity iPhone laying flat on a desk showing BBC Symphinity Designer creating the BBC Symphinity interface