ITV’s Global Entertainment Operations ('GE Ops') team coordinate the distribution of programme content around the globe, overseeing the transfer of files and data to other broadcasters worldwide as that content is acquired and sold. For years they had been hamstrung by legacy tools and systems that were slow, inefficient and error-prone. Training was tedious and expensive and an expansion of ITV's content portfolio meant the GE OPs team were stretched beyond breaking point.

100 Shapes' UX & design process begins with user research. We sat with the GE team and stepped-through their day-to-day processes. To make a difference as quickly as possible, we identified one of the worst frustration points and set about rapidly developing and testing a new user interface design.

Throughout the design process 100 Shapes conducted iterative usability testing to assess the viability of the ideas and ensure that everything they produced met the needs of the target audience.

This became ITV Craft, a ‘‘translator layer’’ that sits over the legacy databases and immediately reduced one frequent order-fulfilment task from eight minutes to 20 seconds. We’re continuing to add functions to Craft, extending its usefulness to other tasks and other departments in the organisation.

This has been a hugely satisfying project for the 100 Shapes team – a brilliant example of how UX design can make people’s daily work lives tangibly better.

Developer writing ITV Craft interface code