Programme promotions (or promos) are the mini-adverts which promote upcoming TV shows across ITV's different channels. They're made up of a video and an endboard explaining when the show will be on TV. i.e. "Tonight at 9pm" or "Next Thursday on ITV2".

Our brief was to review and fix a convoluted, time-consuming production and approval process between creative, marketing, scheduling and legal teams across multiple simultaneous campaigns.

An embedded 100 Shapes team worked closely with ITV to design a simple, accessible promo database. By creating a ‘single source of truth’ with an integrated push email system, we were able to dramatically simplify workflows and reduce user clicks, double-ups and error rates.

The enterprise system we designed allowed the teams to coordinate their efforts by understanding exactly where each promos was in the creation process, and which promos were being sent to transmission later that day.

The project increased efficiency so markedly that ITV no longer needed to employ additional staff in busy seasons, delivering substantial cost savings to the business. The system won ITV’s 2016 Technical Supplier for Innovation and Design Award.

Designer creating the ITV Creative interface Designer pointing to print-outs of work on a desk Designer pointing to print-outs of work on a wall