In early 2016, 100 Shapes was given a mandate by ITV's Content Supply Chain (CSC) management board to provide UX & design services for its technology modernisation programme.

The programme will run for 5 years and is focused on delivering the design and development of bespoke enterprise software that will allow ITV to meet strategic objectives. The role of the programme board is to provide the ongoing assessment and improvement of the broadcaster’s internal tools.

The result has been an extensive programme of technology modernisation, driven by us, across ITV’s content production, acquisition, sales and distribution systems.

Embedded design teams from 100 Shapes work closely with ITV project teams to identify to opportunities for new enterprise systems to simplified and drastically improve internal processes.

The flexible partnership model between ITV and 100 Shapes allows us to scale design and development services up and down month to month, as required. Building on established trust, the model frees ITV resource from laborious internal scoping processes. It allows us to be proactive, work faster and preempt system issues before they arise, delivering numerous efficiencies and ultimately saving money for ITV.

Designer holding a print-out of design work