Good applications for businesses aren't just what the user-interface ('UI') looks like. The fact is, software and tools work measurably better when designed around the needs of their users. And companies who put their staff as well as their business objectives at the heart of the design process see the difference to their bottom line.

Efficiency gains

Well-designed software for enterprise directly support your core business objectives.

For any organisation, the most efficient systems are those that align with the way staff really work. By making tasks intuitive and simple, user-focused enterprise tools are naturally optimised to maximise work rates and minimise errors and ad-hoc fixes.

100 Shapes will help you design applications that let your team work as effectively as possible. By reducing your staff’s pain points and improving task satisfaction, you’ll also feed into job positivity and staff retention. All these factors impact your profitability and your competitiveness in the market.

Case Studies

We’re shaping the way some of the UK’s best-known companies work.

UX Approach

We develop user research and design programs tailored for your needs.

Our design approach is a combination of art and science, practical and creative. We’ll work with you and your team to understand your organisation’s capabilities, challenges and goals. Then we’ll develop a research and design program focused on delivering real, measurable value to your staff and business.

What we don’t do is impose a set of systems or preconceptions on you. We find out what your organisation and your staff really need, and that’s what we set about designing.


Our designers are fluent in tech – and they’ll be on hand to support the development team throughout.

100 Shapes can work with your existing technical team or introduce you to our build partners.

You might be adapting a legacy system or looking to adopt a new solution. Or you might be considering a bespoke system as the best long-term value for money. Whatever the best technical solution for you, we’ll develop a design approach to suit, and be there to support the entire development and rollout process.

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Investment in design is an investment in your people – and the long-term success of your business.

We’re helping our clients shed the excess and build better, leaner, more-people focused organisations with clearly defined returns on investment.

Find out how our design approach can make a difference to your business.